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Welcome to Health & Beauty

By: Patsy Peterson
Dated: Saturday, 02/10/2007

If you have health and beauty questions you may email me at ppeterson@merlenormanstudio. com. Some questions will be answered in the column others will be answered directly by e-mail.

Shade & Highlight Like a Pro
Every once and a while, we can use a little cosmetic help to look more "refreshed" (from fatigue or stress) or to simply simulate a "lift" and counteract the effects of time. Under natural light take a look in the mirror: As yourself one or both of these questions.
Do you see under-eye-shadow? Do you wish to draw attention or de-emphasize a particular feature?
The rule: Use darker shades to shape, lighter shades to accentuate. For a natural, daily look, powders do the best trick. For more of a dramatic effect (black/ white photography, pageants), foundations and concealers are better. Finding the right shade for your skin tone is a must. Have one of our beauty consultants to "stripe you" and find the one that is right for you winter and summer shades may differ.
Imagine an oval in the center of the face. For balance, shade outside the oval and highlight at the center. Brighten areas where shadows naturally fall, such as the inner corners of the eyes, folds and around the mouth and center of the chin. Give eyes and
instant "lift" using a light concealer Merle Nor-man Creamy Concealer of Retouch Cream. Dab three small dots at the outer corners and blend in a cat whisker pattern. For sculpted cheeks, apply a deeper shade under the cheekbones and at the temples. Add a lighter shade high on the ridge of the cheekbones and above the eyebrows.
De-emphasize a double chin by applying foundation or Merle Norman Translucent powder that is two shades darker than the natural skin tone. blend from the jaw line to the neck and under the chin.
Perhaps your face shape just need the right shade and a little blush in the right place. Heres how to determine the right place for your face shape.
Smile and brush on the apples of the cheeks, using the iris of the eye as a guide to placement. Round
Dust a contour shade below the cheekbone, down to the jaw line. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks sweeping upward toward the temple. Square
To soften the angles of the jaw line, contour from the center of the chin, underneath the cheekbone to the middle ;of the ear. Apply blush to the apples, sweeping upward to the temples. Heart
To soften the chin areas, Dust blush under the apple of the cheek. A little highlight along the jaw line and contour on the sides of the forehead will create balance.
To create an illusion of broadening the face, begin by applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend straight out towards the ears. Dust the contour shade across the center of the forehead and along the chin.
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