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Major Milestone

By: Margaret Mansfield
Dated: Saturday, 02/10/2007

Reverend Timothy
Wright is celebrates 40 years in music
ministry and will mark this milestone with
a new release from Jordan Entertainment
Group. The album, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"
will be released on February 27, 2007.
The project marks Wright's 23rd album. He has been involved with
choirs and music ministry for most of
his life. Since the very early years at St.
John's Fire Baptized Holiness Church
of God, through his time at Washington Temple C.O.G.I.C. and association with the NY Community Choir to
his most recent New York Fellowship
Choir, Wright continues to earn his nickname of "Godfather of Gospel Music."
The lead single and title track,
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" is a powerful and
reflective, story-telling song that was inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Written by
Wright's wife after the hurricane, it reminds listeners there is but one name that
can save, heal and deliver and that name is
Jesus. "Given today's time and all the terrible things going on, it has become a very
popular song," said Wright. "I was inspired
to tell the story based on the constant news
and footage I was seeing. Watching those
faces in the Superdome & I wanted to
tell the stories of all those people. Additionally, this song speaks to all people
who perhaps have had personal hurricanes and tragedies in their own lives &
that in the darkest moments, it is the name
of Jesus that we can always call upon."
Always considered 'Sunday morning
ready,' Reverend Wright's signature is accentuated by its diverse
range of traditional and contemporary Gospel music and "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"
heritage of expressive and exceptional choir music. The project, chock-full of tried and true choir classics
including past hits "Count Your Blessing" and the memorable and old-school-flavored re-do of "Come In At The Door,"
was recorded live at Zion Cathedral in Freeport, NY. Other key highlights include Thing," a contemporary, rousing and timeless choir jam; as well as "New Life" and
Pressing My Way," both, wholly feel-good revitalizing songs, that are definitively church.

Tuesday, 02/20/2007
Volume No.: 21
Issue: 5