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ADA's Creations Inc.

By: The Providence American
Dated: Saturday, 02/10/2007

"From Banking to Baking"

ADA's Creations Inc.
In the Dominican Republic Ada and Leonel Terrero, owners of Ada's Creations' were Bankers; there they worked for Banco Popular and Banco Santo Domingo as managers in different departments of these institutions. However 19 years later in Providence they are Small Business owners and true entrepreneurs. Beyond raising their three children who all have their own careers and interest Ada and Leonel managed to open three different restaurants since 1989. They opened their first business at 1359 Broad Street Salon El Macuto, (the Spanish word given to traditional baskets used for shopping at open markets in the Dominican Republic) were they only sold Dominican food but later noticed that customers wanted more of a variety. So in 1993 the Terrero's moved their operation to 1266 Broad Street where the menu expanded to include Pastries, Wedding Cakes, Hors d'uerves and other Island sweets.
While this change worked for a while it was not until they were able to purchase the building that they are now operating their restaurant and catering business from that allowed for the business expansion that they currently are developing. Ada's creations is more than a quick take it to go food stop, but a full service restaurant with a full service cocktail lounge and banquet facility on the second floor, which can accommodate 300 people at a time. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 8:00am 12:00pm, and until 2:00am on weekends.
Ada's has been a destination during the political season for several candidates who held fundraisers, thank
you parties or just campaign functions. However it is clear, like Ada these candidates have also been active in the community and are those who offer hope and assistance to Dominicans and others who are having difficulty in America. Ada likes to help people who are advocates for the Spanish community and she makes it clear what some of those priorities are such as affordable health care, housing, or employment opportunities that pays more than the minimum wage. "&In; this country if you pay taxes so you should be able to access health care or the ability to pay for affordable health care; however, we pay taxes as a Small Business but there are no funds to help Small Businesses".
"This is the richest Country in the World and no health care for all people---without our heath we cannot be productive for the Country&" Ada comes from a politically active beginning, as her father and grandfather were active in politics in the Dominican Republic, so I grew up seeing and hearing advocates. When Ada was asked about her own political aspirations she said " &maybe; one day I will get more involved politically because in the United States the only way to be heard is to be involved politically&"
If you are looking for some great Dominican food or pastry, or are thinking about catering your next business meeting or party, stop by Ada's at 1137 Broad Street and order up a taste of the Dominican Republic at one of the fastest growing businesses on the Southside. You may also call ahead and order to go at 941-5020.

Tuesday, 02/20/2007
Volume No.: 21
Issue: 5